We work with artists and their teams to define and build a cohesive visual identity. It is our belief that musicians, and the music industry at large, deserve thoughtful and consistent creative direction through every stage of an artist’s album cycle. Often, in-house design teams are spread thin across large rosters, and the artist's visual representation suffers as a result.

We pride ourselves on our detailed process of defining a clear concept and then building it across every physical and digital asset - including vinyl packaging, social media assets, billboards, live backdrops, merchandise, and more.

Ultimately, every campaign we take on as a studio benefits from a clearly defined and cohesive artistic direction. If you and your team resonate with our mission, we would love to chat.


  • Graphic Design
  • Merchandise
  • Art Direction
  • Packaging
  • Social
  • Photography


New York skyline


  • Creative Direction

    Ross Nicol and Self Aware

  • Site Design & Development

  • Typography

    Panama by Temporary State
    La Nord by Raoul Gottschling